Sunday, February 6, 2011

DELTA: Snicker's Life is worth $10

Just posted over at Sphynxlair - sadly no, this isn't a joke. 

Hi Everyone, I wanted to first thank everyone for their support. You are all truly wonderful.

I haven't posted an update on Delta because I feel so defeated & mentally exhausted. To explain: In the end, they (Billy Freeman/Delta Airlines) have finally put a price tag on life. They have valued my Snickers life based on dimensional weight. They equate each pound to be worth 50 cents. The carrier had a dimensional weight of 20 pounds. Doing some really simple mathematics, the value of life in this instance is $10. (True Colors anyone?)

The sad part is this -- I would rather have had them tell me to go screw then to add insult to an already devastating situation. $10? Are you kidding me?

I emailed Billy to let him know he must have made a error when he was typing to give him & Delta the benefit of the doubt. I also asked to deal with another department from this point forward. His only response was that his supervisor is expecting my signed agreement back as soon as possible. And on that note -- they don't deserve another response from me.

In my opinion, it is not a mistake that defines a company -- what defines a company is how they work to remedy the situation, both in the short & long term. Delta, this is a "test" of integrity YOU HAVE FAILED. You have failed Snickers, you have failed your patrons, you have failed your stockholders & most importantly, you have failed yourselves.

Felt good to say that. Heather