Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Nippy Plants

Every now and then us kitties need to get outside and smell the catnip.  So that's exactly what I did.

I smell it, I know it's close, very close...


You might think I'm high but I'm not.  I'm just holding up the planter.  The glazed look in my eyes was added with trick photography or something.  No self-respecting hairless kitty would allow herself to be photographed in a compromising position like this so it isn't what it looks like.  That's the story and I'm sticking to it.

Here I'm protecting the precious nippy plants from thieving wandering critters who might decide to partake of them.

That's all for today, I've gone from nippy time to nappy time.  Talk to you later!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My name is Pedda and I'm a Sphynx cat. All cats are special of course but being a sphynx makes me more special. At least I think so. My human says I have an attitude (she calls it a "tortitude") but what does she know? I think she's just jealous because we both know who runs this show.

I live in north-central Ohio with my human companion/servant/slave named Marlene. She's a pretty good sort though she does require more training and needs to become more sensitive to my moods. Here you see me practicing "The Look" on her. Just a few more refinements and I think I'll have it down pat.

You can see I was an adorable baby back in 2003. I don't know where I went wrong. I'll ponder it as I work on this blog. There's so much to share with you but I need my beauty sleep. A girl has to look after herself, you know!