Sunday, May 1, 2011

New forum for Sphynx lovers: Sphynx Retreat is now open!

I'm so happy!  My momma used to belong to a very popular, active sphynx forum.  She was always posting pictures there and even some movies of me too so the world could see how beautiful I am.  But then the King Admin of the forum went nutso and banned momma along with a big bunch of other people.  Momma got banned literally the very minute she deleted one of her photo albums and her diary writings (she didn't want King Admin to plagarize them by posting them publically as his work like he'd done with some stolen poetry).  She said her biggest offence though was that she talked to her kitty friends every day on Facebook and King Admin didn't like some of those friends so he decided to ban everyone who talked to the people he didn't like.  Momma said he was just pissed that people were getting together and talking outside of his realm and discovering his lies.  Momma said they finally caught up with him and that's why so many people also left before they got banned.

Last week Gramma and Grampy came to visit and Gramma asked momma if she had been a bad girl.  Several months ago momma had made Gramma her very own account at the sphynx forum cause Gramma liked looking at the kitty pictures and reading about all the cat people who were crazier than her daughter.  Gramma used to visit there a couple times a week - but last week she couldn't see her kitty pictures cause when she tried to log in she got a special message calling her by momma's name and saying that she'd been caught and was banned!  Momma laughed until she cried cause King Admin banned an innocent 72 year-old lady  thinking it was her.  She laughed about it all evening.  Gramma says she's never going to let momma make her any accounts ever again which makes momma laugh even harder.  She's laughing some more as she types this.  I think momma is crazy.

But enough of that - there's a reason I'm so happy!  There's a new forum in town for sphynxies! The Sphynx Retreat. "Where you can gather valuable knowledge about the Sphynx breed, as well as share your stories, joys, sorrows, and love with other Sphynx parents."  You can read about a special silent auction to benefit HCM featuring Dina Manzo and Grandma Wrinkles.  Or read about Piglet, a very special Delta Society certified therapy kitty.  Or enter a discussion and talk about your own hairless wonder.  Looking forward to seeing you there!


Nofuratu said...

Great blog Pedda! See you at the retreat!

Nekkid_Alice said...

My mommy and I are on the Sphynx retreat too, and mommy says it's much more fun because no one is mean!