Thursday, January 27, 2011

Delta: Secrecy is the Best Policy!

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January 27, 2011

Ms. Heather Lombardi

My Address

Re: Delta File 11 5738

Airbill 006-0352310
Dated 1/22/2011

Dear Ms. Lombardi;

Thank you for your email of January 26, 2011 concerning your email of January 25, 2011, which you characterized as a formal complaint. As you may be aware, we have also received an email from the shipper, INSERT NAME HERE, which she also characterizes as a formal complaint (INSERT NAME HERE is receiving a copy of this email). We would appreciate receiving clarification from you and/or INSERT NAME HERE as to which of you is entitled to proceed with a claim for damages, if, in fact, damages are being sought.

As far as causation and possible remedial measures are concerned, as we have already informed you, this unfortunate incident was the result of a mechanical problem which necessitated opening the cargo bin door manually, a difficult and time consuming procedure, especially in the extreme cold weather at the time. This was an unforeseen situation concerning the aircraft and not the result of faulty animal handling procedures.

Please be advised that Delta will not be providing either you or INSERT NAME HERE with any further information or reports concerning this incident nor regarding any remedial measures which may be taken. Should either of you wish to quantify a claim against Delta, please do so and provide any documentary supports, in order that we can respond accordingly, recognizing that any liability on the part of Delta Airlines, Inc. is governed by the airway bill conditions of contract.

We thank you, in anticipation, for your cooperation.


Billy S. Freeman

Claims Manager

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Harry Spotter said...

Good! I'm glad it's making the news. They-Delta should be ashamed. Hopefully, they will learn a lesson from this tragic and heart breaking situation.

Nekkid_Alice said...

How can they be so calm about all this? A kitten DIED and they are acting like someone lost their damn luggage!

Everycat said...

What a callous company Delta are. That letter is hideous, aloof and totally lacking in any acknowledgement of what an awful mess they made.