Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Delta Blames "Mechanical Problems" for Snicker's Death

From: Freeman, Billy []
Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 2:39 PM
To: 'Heather Lombardi'
Subject: RE: FW: Sphynx Kitten Death

Dear Ms. Lombardi:

Thank you for your offer, however, your involvement is not necessary. As we previously advised, we are conducting an internal investigation and will take any corrective measures which may be deemed warranted.

As matters now stand, every indication is that this unfortunate incident was the result of a mechanical problem which necessitated opening the cargo bin door manually, instead of mechanically, resulting in a delay in accessing the contents of the cargo bin. Such unforeseen and unpredictable mechanical problems are, as you can well appreciate, difficult to anticipate or prevent.

On another note, when we spoke on Monday, you indicated that you would provide us with a copy of the vet's paperwork which recommended that a hairless cat not be shipped when temperatures were anticipated to be under 20° degrees Fahrenheit. We would appreciate your sending this document to us, for our records. If you consider making a claim, we would also appreciate receipts for amounts requested. Claim # 11 52738 has been assigned to our correspondences.


Billy S. Freeman

Claims Manager

Delta Cargo

From: Heather Lombardi []
Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 5:35 PM
To: 'Freeman, Billy'
Subject: RE: FW: Sphynx Kitten Death

Dear Mr. Freeman,

I appreciate you doing such a thorough investigation. I will continue to have patience with you & anticipate reading the findings in said report.

Yesterday I emailed you my formal complaint per your air bill requirements. Can you please confirm it was entered & received?

I will be happy to provide any documentation you would like for your records. (Your statement that the veterinarian clearance stated that “hairless cats” not be shipped in temperatures was inaccurate, it was a direct reference to the victim on flight #738, not the breed) Additionally for my records, I require a full & un-redacted copy of the investigation including all witness statements & findings. Once I receive your report, I can “consider” making the claim you referenced below & if I so decide, I will furnish anything you may require to the extent I am capable.

I prematurely sent you my purchase contract/receipt the other day. Did you not receive it?

Although your email was very cold considering the referenced circumstances, I was very pleased to hear you plan on making the corrective measures warranted. While you claim you cannot prevent or foresee a mechanical issue, you must have them often. So while this specific issue may have been a surprise to Delta, they know they happen & should have the appropriate safeguards in place to prevent the death or injury of its human & animal cargo. With that said, I assume those are the corrective measures you are referring too – you plan on purchasing, creating & implementing the procedures & equipment necessary to deliver the animals & people safely without injury to their destinations.

To be more specific, the cat was freezing due to no climate control, so you are going to purchase & implement the equipment needed to keep the cabin climate controlled during such mechanical failures. The vehicle in which they are transported in is open to the elements & certainly did not help her unstable condition, so you are going to purchase heated vans to properly take them to the terminal from the tarmac. And so on.

Those are the type of corrective measures that are not only appropriate but quite obviously necessary & would have saved the life of an innocent animal. While you cannot foresee a mechanical error on a certain day or time, you know they will happen & quite apparently do not have the proper safeguards in place for when they do occur.

Also, I looked on your website & cannot find any information on what you classify as climate controlled cargo. I think it is appropriate to explain that to me since I paid for it.

I look forward to hearing a positive response from you on these corrective measures you have assured me will be taken so I can tell everyone it is safe for their animals to fly at all temperatures.

Heather Lombardi

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