Friday, January 28, 2011

Support and Empathy Run-around from Delta

Dear Mr. Freeman,

I appreciate you sending your response in PDF format, it makes printing for my records much cleaner.

To answer the question in said letter dated January 27, 2011; I will be the one you will deal with from this point forward; I am copying Linda on this email so that she can also confirm the above statement with you.

Your letter dated January 27, 2011 made it sound as though we have provided you with no documents -- I know that simply is just not the case. I need you to confirm the documents already in your possession. It is my knowledge you have a copy of the airway bill, my formal complaint, Linda's formal complaint, as well as a copy of my signed agreement with the breeder which acts as my receipt of purchase. (It is my direct knowledge you have at the very minimum the adoption contract as I sent it to you myself)

I feel dealing with the claims department on an animal rights issue to be reprehensible. I also feel as though Delta has something to hide by not providing the documentation to support the conclusion in your letter dated on January 27, 2011. If the documentation supported that claim, providing it would do nothing more then confirmation of what you have already told me. It leads me to believe there were other factors you have found that led to the death of my dear pet Snickers.

Unfortunately, I do not hold a law degree. If I did, I would understand what you classify as Delta Airlines Inc's liability. Since I do not hold the education level needed to comprehend such conditions of contract in your air waybill, I will either need to hire a qualified professional to explain them to me, or you could simply explain what Delta Airline Inc's air waybill means in language the average person would understand. Including but not limited to liability.

Since your spokeswoman Susan C. Elliott was eager to publicize that Delta was now turning their attention to offering condolences & discussions with me into what she called "restitution" as a means of "support" I assume you will have no issues providing me with the above.

Spokeswoman Susan C. Elliott has also conveyed that Delta is: "extremely empathetic with the customer. We've offered our support to her, and we've been doing everything we can to work with her."

If that is truly the case, she must have me mixed up with another Heather Lombardi. While I don't doubt for a minute you are supportive & empathetic to this other Heather Lombardi, I have had the opposite experience with your company. I hope you can clear up the confusion with your spokeswoman Susan C. Elliott; I have received nothing but cold & condescending treatment considering the circumstances. I hope she can retract her statements of support & empathy or maybe Delta can actually convey that support & empathy to me & my family in this time of grieving.

I thank you, in anticipation, for your cooperation.


Heather Lombardi
Devastated Pet Owner

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